Gollum’, is one of the interesting characters from ‘Lord of the Rings’, the masterpiece written by JRR Tolkien.

Gollum represents Greed, Ambition. He can go to any extent for the possession of the Ring.

Why Gollum is so obsessed with the ring?

The Ring gives Magical Power.

But the Ring also has the power to corrupt people quickly.

You all must be wondering why I am talking about the Ring and Gollum now although I read that book two decades ago?

Similar to the ‘Ring’, what I noticed is that all of us have got a Ring in our Hand…

Recently I went to a restaurant, as it had just started post lockdown.

The restaurant was famous for veg delicacy and I wanted to try their most popular dish.

After taking my seat, I ordered for their famous dish. I asked them why Air conditioning wasn’t on. The waiter told me, “Sir, due lockdown, there was no proper maintenance carried out, but we will fix it soon.”

I had my sympathy as most of the businesses were trying hard to revive.

After waiting for almost 20 mins I asked why it was taking time. The waiter said, “Sir, we are…

We have been told since our childhood to ‘study well, get a good score.’

The education system we have is more about ‘scoring’ well in the subjects.

The perception is: “Scoring good grades in the examination determines our future.”

The higher you score the better are prospects for your career.

On getting high scores in the examination, it certainly be concluded that the student has high IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

Most of the examinations in school and colleges are from the single perspective of giving the marks based on IQ.

We all are impressed by the students who score better in…

You dream, you wish, you want everything and if you don’t want anything, what are you doing here?

Become an ascetic and go to the Himalayas and if you actually are going there then also you want something.

We are humans and our quest for wishes will cease only when the soul leaves for the heavenly abode.

So, is it wrong to have more wishes? Or dream bigger and bigger?

Absolutely No!

It’s the path everyone needs to choose. Say you are becoming richer and richer day by day. …

Kedarkanth ( Himalaya )

Beautiful mountains, Fresh air and the view, gives energy and vibes to bring out positivity from within.

Business or Trekking, it takes constant efforts to reach out to your goal.⚡️

When you see from the base and look towards the summit, it often seems impossible.

But You need to have ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘desire’ to conquer the peak.

Similarly, when you start your business, there are lots of dilemmas, uncertainty & fear but still you have the ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘desire’ to successfully run the business.

It gives you all the boost to start working and achieve the growth.

As high-altitude trekking…

I’m writing this today as many of us have a lot of questions and doubts about fighting with Covid -19, about 20 Lakh Crore Stimulus package which has been announced and what is coming next?Specially the people who are in mid-life now. ( age 40 to 50 )

I’m sure you all know ‘MidLife crisis’.

A MidLife crisis is a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle aged individuals. ( both Man and Woman )

This may produce feelings of intense depression, remorse, and high levels of anxiety, or the desire to achieve youthfulness or make drastic…

“What’s the most important thing in your life, is it Money or Family?”

I know the answer which all of you will give: “Family”, unless there is a way by which the truth can be revealed. Yes, we do love our family and may go to any extent for the fulfilment of their needs. But we also know very well that without money it’s not possible to make them happy.

If you want to try, then ask your wife that you love her too much, so no need to spend money on salon or shopping. Is only love sufficient in…

Talking about religion can be controversial everywhere in the world vis-à-vis for science shows how progressive you are.

We often hear this or some of us believe strongly ‘God helps those who help themselves’.

Does it mean God exists and is actually helping you? The point is, it definitely inspires you to help yourself and yes — it helps.

How about the medicine you take to cure your diseases? You believe or not but unlike God it helps to cure your disease.

The new technology is upgrading the humans, finding the new solutions to overcome old age and solving many…

Are you a “YES MAN” or a “YES WOMAN”?

Do you have hesitation while saying “NO” to anyone?

Are you carried away by someone when you are not keen for doing the activity but you actually do it?

Despite of all your best efforts you may not satisfy some people in your life or may be yourself. You spend all the energies keeping everybody happy and as a result you make no one happy.

It simply means you don’t know your priorities.

In your endeavour to say ‘YES’ every time, you are actually doing things which may not be important…

We all are lockdown in our home. The silence in the city is deafening and making louder noise inside us.

Mumbai, the city which never sleeps, is awake and like never before. The city is captive under uninvited virus. The city which is always high on the spirit whatever may come, it is never bolted. Today it is at a queer standstill.

The city which has witnessed a lot of gang fights, bomb blasts, terrorist attacks and ceaseless riots.

The spread of the deadly virus needs to be stopped and lockdown seems to be the most logical solution for the…

Nikunj Waghela

Inspiring to outperform, Bookholic, Entrepreneur

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